What searches do you need to carry out and why?

There are six main types of search that can be carried out and when acting for you as the buyer’s solicitor we will advise you which of these are necessary in any particular case:- Local Authority Search This reveals details of the planning history for the property and whether the Council are aware of any breaches of planning, also any proposals for such matters as new roads or traffic schemes, tree preservation orders, conservation areas and any other matters within the Council’s control that may affect the property. Drainage Search This will show whether or not the surface and/or foul water drains run into a public or private sewer. Land Registry Search This is carried out just before completion in order to find out if there are new mortgages registered against the property that have not previously been disclosed. If there are then the as the buyer’s solicitor we will obviously require confirmation that these will be repaid before your purchase is completed. Land Charges Search If you are obtaining a mortgage the lender will require us to carry out a search to make sure that you are not bankrupt, and that there are no bankruptcy proceedings pending against you! Quite often this search will show an entry against someone else with a similar name. If so, you will be asked to sign a copy of the result to confirm that it does not relate to you. Environmental Search It has more recently been recommended that the buyer’s solicitor should also carry out an environmental search to see if there are any landfill or waste disposal sites in the area, if the property has been built on an old industrial site and whether there are any risks from contaminated land, toxic emissions, flooding, subsidence etc. Chancel Repair Liability Search: This is to check for any potential liability of contribution towards the upkeep of church property.