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IDICULLA SOLICITORS which is based in Southampton has a specialised immigration department dealing with all aspects of immigration to United Kingdom.

At IDICULLA SOLICITORS our clients benefit from a personal first class service unsurpassed in this field. We provide assistance to both individual and corporate clients. Our corporate client base is drawn from all sectors including health care, travel, catering, education, entertainment and sports.

IDICULLA SOLICITORS being specialist immigration solicitors, cover not only Southampton but also neighbouring places like Bournemouth, Portsmouth Poole and Dorset. We are one of the leading immigration solicitors in Hampshire. Our client base stretches the whole of UK and being an Indian Solicitor firm we are very proud of our huge Indian client base. This being said we have clients of other nationalities also such as Poland Turkey, Tunisia, Romania, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria etc.


As leading Immigration Solicitors in Southampton, we are registered with the UKBA, Croydon for a Same Day Premium Service so that our immigration solicitors can submit your application to the Home Office by hand and get an instant decision on your application. This way, you will not have to wait for the decision on your application for months (sometimes years). Please go through our Home Office Same Day Premium Service Terms and Conditions.

If you require an appointment for the Same Day Premium Service you will have to instruct us atleast five weeks in advance. Please note that each appointment is taken in the client’s individual names and we are unable to swap or use the same for someone else.

We at IDICULLA SOLICITORS take pride in providing our clients with fast, friendly and reliable immigration service

Our Services include;

Tier 1 Applications (General, Entrepreneur, Investor, Graduate Entrepreneur)
Tier 2 Applications (General, Intra Company Transfer, Sports persons, Religious workers)
Tier 4 Applications (Students)
Tier 5 Applications (Youth mobility, Creative and Sporting, Government authorised exchange, International agreements, Charity and Religious workers, Sponsored researchers)
Advise on obtaining sponsorship license
Domestic workers
Entry clearance, family reunion and visa applications for visitors, spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners, children and other dependent relatives
Indefinite leave to remain and long residency applications
British citizenship, Naturalisation, Nationality and UK ancestry applications
And all other applications to the Home Office or Entry Clearance Office


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Our fixed fees only cover the cost of preparing and making the initial application. If there is an appeal or challenge necessary subsequent to the submission of your application or if a separate application is subsequently required, we will agree separate fees with you. Our service includes Postal applications and same day premium service. Our fees for both categories are as follows and doesn’t include Home Office Fee and VAT;


Application Type Postal Applications Ex. VAT Premium Service Ex. VAT Express Service Saturday Consideration Ex. VAT
Tier 1 (Highly skilled worker) £900.00 £850.00 N/A
Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) £1400.00 £1250.00 N/A
ILR work permit holder £900.00 £1500.00 N/A
ILR Tier 2 £800.00 £1250.00 N/A
ILR Tier 1 / HSMP £800.00 £950.00 N/A
ILR Dependant (over 18yrs) £550.00 £850.00 N/A
ILR Spouse/Partner alone (if applied separately) £700.00 £850.00 N/A
ILR Domestic worker £700.00 £850.00 N/A
ILR Long Residence £700.00 N/A N/A
Tier 2 (General)  £800.00 £850.00 N/A
Tier 4 Students £800.00 £850.00 N/A
British citizenship/ Naturalisation £700.00 N/A N/A
Advise on obtaining Sponsorship Licence £650.00 N/A N/A
All EEA Applications £900.00 N/A N/A
All other Applications £900.00 N/A N/A

Please be advised that we also charge an additional fee of £50.00 for each dependent.

Please also be advised that the UKBA will decide the application on the same day only if the application is straightforward and not complex. The Home Office decides majority of the applications (more than 98% of the applications we submit) on the same day and only very few applications are retained by the Home Office for further enquiries.

Our Cost Commitment

We pride ourselves on providing good value for money to all – whether you are an individual or a large organisation – and this principle is reflected in our cost commitment to you.

A transparent fixed fee structure, tailored to suit your budgets and agreed in advance
Regular updates detailing costs incurred and justifying the level of the fee
Value for money and high quality work
No hidden extras

If you instruct us as your legal representative in relation to your immigration matter, you may expect from us the following service:

We will take detailed instructions from you and advise you about the relevant immigration law and procedure to be adopted by the UKBA Authorities in your case
We will discuss your case in detail with you and advise you about the weaknesses and strengths of  your case
We will advise and consider contents of the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of your application and discuss the same with you.
We will complete the relevant UKBA Application Form and discuss the same with you
We will liaise with the Immigration Officer on your behalf for the expeditious decision of the application
We will undertake all follow up works including responding to any queries raised by the Immigration Officer until decision is reached on your application

You can instruct us if you are seeking legal help in relation to your application for leave to remain in theUnited Kingdom under any of the immigration category

Home Office Same Day Premium Service Terms and Conditions

If the applicant has not complied with any of the immigration rules or if the application is of complicated nature then the UKBA will not be able to make a decision on the same day. In such complicated cases, they will keep aside the application to make further enquiries and will only make a decision as in a postal application. If this happens, we cannot give any time scale when the UKBA will make a decision on your application even if it is submitted through the same day service. In such complicated cases or if there are any technical problems, we will warn the clients of such a possibility.

There may be occasions where there are hidden defects or non-compliance of immigration rules of which you may not be aware. In some cases we will not be able to identify these defects or problems from the documents and information you have provided. In such cases if we submit the application through the same day service, the application may be accepted by the UKBA officer in the initial screening and we will be asked us to pay the Home Office application fees. The defect, non-compliance or the technical problem may be found by the UKBA immigration officer when they consider the application in detail and they will either refuse the application or may ask for further information. In these cases, the application may be then considered as a postal application and we cannot give any indication when a decision will be made by the UKBA.

If due to any reason the UKBA refuse your application after taking the Home Office fees from us, then the UKBA will not refund their fees. We will not reimburse you the Home Office fee or our fees if this happens and we will not be liable for any damages which may result from the Home Office refusal of your application. The fees paid to the Home Office are for considering your application and there is no guarantee that your application will be successful. The success of your application will depend upon the compliance with immigration rules and any other relevant law of the UK.

The legal representatives same day service slots are allocated to us by the UK Border Agency and these slots are allocated to us subject to their terms and conditions. If they cancel our slot or if they do not allocate us the slots, then we will not be able to submit your case on the allocated day. We will then try to obtain another slot on a subsequent date but cannot give any guarantee when that date will be because we will have to book the slot again with the UKBA.

The UKBA allocate the slots to legal representative according to the availability of slots each week and provide it on a first come first served basis. They take the booking request by email five week in advance and will allocate it to us only if our email reaches them before the slots are allocated for the particular week. If we are unable to obtain the slot for the week you require, then we will try to obtain another slot in one of the following weeks.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer if we are unable to obtain a slot to submit your application using the same day service facility at the Home Office PEO. You should make alternative arrangements if we are not able to obtain the slot to submit your application through the same day service facility.

The service provided by us for the same day service may be cancelled at any time without notice. We will have the right to cancel this service even after you have instructed us to submit your application through the same day service facility. If we cancel or stop our same day service facility without notice, then we will refund you our fees after deducting the cost for returning the documents by special delivery.


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