The Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) category is for people who are coming to the United Kingdom as religious workers within religious organisations for more than two years.

Your role in the Minister of Religion category can include:

preaching or performing pastoral duties;
work as a missionary; or

work in a religious order within a community which involves a permanent commitment, like a monastery or a convent.

Pastoral duties include:

leading worship regularly and on special occasions;
giving religious education to children and adults by preaching or teaching;
officiating at marriages, funerals and other special services; and
offering counselling and welfare support to members of the congregation; and

recruiting, training and co-ordinating the work of any local volunteers and lay preachers.

Work as a missionary is not just preaching and teaching. It can include:

the organisation of missionary activity (but should not be administrative or clerical, unless filling a senior post);

supervising staff;
coordinating the organisation of missionary work;

being in charge of a particular activity such as accounts/finance, personnel management or IT; and

translating religious texts – this is missionary work, not clerical work.


You should apply if:

you are over 16 years old;
you are not a national of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland; and

you want to enter or stay in the United Kingdom to work under Tier 2 of the points-based system.

You are allowed to apply if you are:

already in the United Kingdom with permission to stay in an immigration category that allows you to switch into Tier 2;

already in the United Kingdom under Tier 2 and want to extend your permission to stay in your existing category; or

applying from outside the United Kingdom for permission to enter in Tier 2.

You can switch in to the minister of religion category from the immigration categories below:

highly skilled worker (tier 1);
sponsored skilled worker (tier 2);

student nurse, but only if your certificate of sponsorship shows that you are being sponsored to work as a nurse, doctor, or dentist;

student re-sitting an examination;
person writing up a thesis;
overseas qualified nurse or midwife;

postgraduate doctor or dentist, but only if your certificate of sponsorship shows that you have been sponsored to work as a nurse, doctor or dentist;

student union sabbatical officer;
qualifying work permit holder;
Highly Skilled Migrant;
a participant in the International Graduate Scheme (formerly known as the Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme);
a representative of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation;
a participant in Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme;
minister of religion, missionary or member of a religious order;
member of the operational ground staff of an overseas-owned airline;
a Jewish agency employee.


Points are awarded for:

a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed sponsor;
English language skills;
available maintenance (funds).

You must have at least 70 points to be able to apply. Points are awarded for:

Certificate of sponsorship 50
English languages skills 10
Maintenance (funds) 10


While each of these tiers is meant to define clearly those who may benefit, the UK Border Agency has been applying rules relating to the provision of supporting evidence very strictly so extreme care must be exercised in making applications. There are also specific rules relating to the money you must have available to maintain yourself when you first arrive in the United Kingdom. Large numbers of applications in these categories which on their face ought to succeed are being refused because of the failure by applicants to provide all of the information and documentation requested or because of a failure to meet the maintenance requirements. It is therefore beneficial for you to apply through a legal professional who has expertise in UK immigration Law.

WE at IDICULLA SOLICITORS undertake both postal applications and Home Office Same Day premium service. Our fees only cover the cost of preparing and making the initial application. If an appeal or challenge is necessary subsequent to the submission of your application or if a separate application is subsequently required, we will agree separate fees with you. Our fee is as follows and excludes Home Office Fee and VAT;

Postal Applications £900.00
Same Day Premium Service N/A

Home Office Fees


How much you pay for a Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) visa depends on where you are.

Who you’re applying for Apply outside the UK Extend or switch in the UK
You £610 £704
You – as a citizen of Turkey or Macedonia £555 £649
All dependants £610 each person £704 each person

Healthcare surcharge

You’ll also have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your application.

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